M Player

If you’re looking for third-party music player on Windows 10 mobile then M Player is maybe what you’re looking for. M Player is music player with everything what you need.

Many times in my life I was facing a problem in Windows store. One of the most recent problem was that music players sorted all my music some kind in wrong way. I don’t care who is artist, what’s name of the album I just want have my music in my folders. Why would I create many new playlists when I already did that in my computer?

For this problem is M Player clear solution 🙂 but that’s not all by far.

Ok let’s start with base features

  • ordering music by folders
  • high performance even with very large data
  • theme setting
  • performance settings
  • timer for battery saving
  • cool and clean UI
  • for FREE in TRIAL USE (trial never expire)

If you want to see more of M Player take a look on this link.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁





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