M Player

If you’re looking for third-party music player on Windows 10 mobile then M Player is maybe what you’re looking for. M Player is music player with everything what you need.

Many times in my life I was facing a problem in Windows store. One of the most recent problem was that music players sorted all my music some kind in wrong way. I don’t care who is artist, what’s name of the album I just want have my music in my folders. Why would I create many new playlists when I already did that in my computer?

For this problem is M Player clear solution 🙂 but that’s not all by far.

Ok let’s start with base features

  • ordering music by folders
  • high performance even with very large data
  • theme setting
  • performance settings
  • timer for battery saving
  • cool and clean UI
  • for FREE in TRIAL USE (trial never expire)

If you want to see more of M Player take a look on this link.


M Player
Price: unknown






At the beginning of 2016 Microsoft came up with new technology (I mean they showed it earlier but I was waiting for stable version because I’m not member of suicide squad or insider) Windows 10 with UWP applications. As Windows phone 8/8.1 developer I really wanted to try new SDK with all new features but I stocked in school with my duties. SO I decided to  take it as advantage and make my own bachelor thesis. I decided to remake my old unstable FRI APP to something more useful.

I’ll not describe entire app but it has almost the same features as FRI APP but now it’s proper app with strong code behind and finally with access to school API 🙂

App is working on all platforms except for hololens.


Price: Free





Let me google that for you

This is my third app in Windows store. If you do like trolling then you’ll gonna love this app. If you’re not familiar with website lmgtfy.com then look there.

Here are basics… app is simple unofficial client for this cool website. Only one thing you have to do is type what you’re looking for and app will generate link for you. Then you can copy this link to your clip board and troll people on the internet 🙂


Price: Free






VLSM calculator

My second public application was this simple and light-weight calculator.

After very hardcoded FRI APP I needed to take a little break so here we are. One semester I tryed Cisco subject but I discovered that as right developer I’m too lazy to calculate all network subnets again and again and again. So I decided to make my own solution and I will not cheat in class anymore.


Basically this app has only few features as calculating your subnets and when you’re done, you can save your result to file in your phone. It showed up like very favourite app in Windows store. At least for next 1500 students.


VLSM calculator
Price: Free




Let’s start little bit with history. 🙂 My very first app was app for my faculty FRI APP. App is targeted on Windows Phone 8. This app was created as some kind training to .NET world where I’m now.

FRI APP features:

  • show news from our web page
  • Access to diet in our canteen
  • show academic calendar
  • listen live stream of radio x
  • call to faculty and gps
  • weather for next hour

As young developer with only one year experience in Java I had to learn this technologies: C# .NET, Silverlight, XAML, XML, JSON, HTML.

After all I must say that this app gave mi a lot of experiences and most Inportant how to NOT code 🙂 well I guess we all must start somehow right? After publishing this app my faculty decided to preview it on faculty web site here.


Price: Free